To root out ragging in all its forms from the Institute/College by instituting stringent anti-ragging measures and provisions for strict punishments to defaulters.

  1. Supreme Court Orders
  2. UP Govt order dated 26 March 2009
  3. UGC Regulations and Guidelines
  4. AICTE Circular No.F.S.No-37-3/Legal/Approval/2009 dt.01.07.2009
  5. AKTU Letter No. UPTU/KUS.KA./2015/61685-86 dt.23.07.2015
  1. Ragging with in the College Campus is strictly prohibited.
  2. Ragging in any form is prohibited also in the private lodges/buildings or any place where the College students are staying.
  3. No person including students / staff / faculty shall participate or abet or propagate ragging in any form whosoever.

Ragging is a cognizable offence under the law and the punishments to be meted out have to be exemplary and justifiably harsh to act as a deterrent. It may include:-

  1. Cancellation of admission, suspension, rustication or expulsion from the College.
  2. FIR with the police and arrest.
  3. More severe punishment where justified, such as, fine / imprisonment etc.
  4. Collective punishment may be imposed where involved persons are not identified.
  1. Application Form and especially the Registration Form at the time of Registration for a semester will require two Affidavits on Rs.10.00 stamp paper each, duly notarized, one signed by the student and the other signed by the parent. Draft of the Affidavits are given at the college website.
  2. Create awareness through wide spread publicity - posters, leaflets etc. among the students, Parents and guardians before start of the academic session. The posters and banners etc will be displayed in all prominent places including Cafeterias and common activity areas and entry points.
  3. Special advice to Freshers
    1. Freshers should not hesitate or feel shy of reporting any incident of ragging either as a victim or as a witness.
    2. Freshers should move in groups. They may resist individually or collectively any attempt by seniors towards bullying or ragging and also immediately report to any of the authority whose contact numbers are available in this manual.
    3. The important contact numbers should be entered and saved in their respective mobile phones.
  4. Formation of Anti - Ragging Committee/ Squads.

    The institute will form Anti - Ragging Committee/ Squads for the proper monitoring to prevent anti ragging.

  5. Anti-Ragging Complaint Boxes

    Anti-Ragging Complaint Boxes have been placed in selected areas in the Institution and the students who may drop in their complaints on any incident of ragging which has not otherwise been reported for necessary action by the Anti - Ragging Committee/ Squads.

Following are the members of the committee:

Dr. Neeraj Gupta Coordinator . 9926544160
Dr. N. K. Tiwari MEMBER NGO 9425079382
Mr.Munna Lal Dubey S.I. Bilhiriya Thana POLICE 7552673244
Mr. Prince Gaba Member Media 9893443010
Prof. Devendra Mishra Asso.Professor CSE 8823849855
Prof. Ashwini Mishra Asst. Professor ME 9753508910
Prof. D. L. Sahu Asst. Professor CE 9630937198
Prof.Santosh Mishra Asst. Professor CSE 7869557789
Prof. Swati Khare Asst. Professor EX 9827317852
Akash Wagdre Student CSE 8435696265
Mr. Jagan Wagdre Student Father . 8823849855