Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) has been established to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit/ environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programmes, enhance analytical skills, general awareness of students and promote skills of interaction in groups & leadership styles through conduction of Technical and organization of workshops on entrepreneurial Development.

Institute-Industry Interaction Cell will facilitate the students to have a chat with industrial experts and be benefitted by their experience.

  • The EDC cell of the college organizes awareness programmes on Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Rights.

  • In line with the objectives of the EDC, specifically, incubation the college has set up separate infrastructural facilities including seminar hall, systems, library exclusively housing literature relevant to entrepreneurship.

  • A committee at the institution level consisting of members of the faculty with aptitude from all the departments is constituted to meet periodically, discuss and recommend activities that would help the budding students equip themselves with the information and the knowledge related to entrepreneurship.

  • Since its inception, the cell effectively leveraged the services of various governmental and nongovernmental executives to contribute to EDC.

The objective of the EDC is to

(i) Create an environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development through formal and non-formal programmes.

(ii) Introduce the concept of entrepreneurship in curricula at diploma and degree levels,

(iii) Develop management personnel at appropriate levels for the non-corporate and unorganized sectors like education, rural development, small-scale industry etc.

(iv) Utilize the infrastructure facilities and technically trained manpower for the development of non-corporate and unorganized sectors, and

(v) Promote employment opportunities.

he Activities of the EDC is to

(i) conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness/ Development Programmes on full time/part-time basis for final year students, alumni, educated unemployed and working professionals.

(ii) conduct special courses for fresh diploma and degree studies from various disciplines for establishing an enterprise & its management.

(iii) support skill development activities particularly catering to specific areas of requirement in that region.

(iv) provide a platform to take-up 'Entrepreneurship' as an alternative career.